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About us

The Vegan Therapy provide vegan items and services including delivery.  Deliveries are made by bike in Oxford and suburbs divided by sectors.  We have selected a bunch of most popular vegan grocery but we have the willing to provide the items of your choice on demand: let's talk about it!
We also offer catering at home, vegan cooking courses and vegan meals delivery.

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Hi everyone. Thank you for visiting our page. We hope you like our website. 
Everything we sell will be 100% vegan. We’re aiming to be 100% plastic free and 100% ethical. We’re only just starting but with your help we’ll reach our goals sooner, faster.

Online orders at £50 or more, you get a free delivery. 

For online orders at £75 or more you get a free vegan slice cheese(180 g) and a free delivery. 

See you soon

Shop policy

Due to Corona Virus we try to adapt our business to provide the best services to our vegan fellows.
We have decided to be more open and transparent to ease the access of our customers to their needs.
This means: foster the access to a wider range of items but on command only to avoid the waste.
Give access to large packagings, encourage group orders and open the dialogue to ensure the most reliable and warming service.
All the deliveries are made with an electric cargo bike, this way we are able to deliver heavy loads.

We are looking forward to meet you and promise to make our best to deliver your best vegan experience.

Vegan greetings! Peace 🌸

How it works

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Meals carefully packaged & delivered within 1 day!


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